Cloud Zoo license latching on shared seat

We are sharing a license while working remotely. One of the user PC’s will occasionally lock the license in use, even though the program and all updating scripts are closed. Putting the machine to sleep doesn’t change the license state, and the only solution we have found is to remove and reinstall the license from the Zoo.

Any input is appreciated!


Hi @featherman788,

What version and service release of Rhino are you using? Is this a Windows or mac version?

– Dale

Rhino 6.34.21034.7001 on a Windows 10 PC

Hi @featherman788, does the license get released if you completely shut down the PC? Some newer PCs don’t really suspend all activity in some situations when they go to sleep.

Also, are you confident that there is not another PC with a similar name that may be confusing?

Hi, was this problem resolved? We have the same problem but with a Mac.