Closing Voids to a single surface

Hi I’m trying to figure out how to close voids in a brep to form single surfaces and join a gap between adjacent breps whilst maintaining breps as separate entities. I’ve gone in a number of directions and got to this point. May be totally the wrong direction? How can I close the gap whilst maintaining a surface? The purpose is for furtheranalysis, and the geometry in this example is very simplified from what it will be applied to. Thx
Distance Between Surface (37.9 KB)

one of the solution is to use Proximity 3d and then get all index of points that have a closest other point then some treatment to get only group that have 2 curves.

Beware there are some duplicates faces. They can be culled using Cull Vertices.

Distance Between Surface (26.2 KB)

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Hi Laurent

Thank you for your solution, I did not know about the proximity 3d, also I really need to try and get my head around the list manipulation! I probably did not explain very well what I was trying to get to, I’ve attached the end game geometry I’m trying to achieve, thank you for responding.

I’ve included the end game geometry in the file if that helps?
Distance Between Surface (60.2 KB)