Closing Rhino WIP with message for Developers

I had a closing Rhino WIP 5D132w with the appearance later of a strange message.
I sent the report.

For IIdb command for command-line tools for developers it is needed. Would you like to install them now? To continue choose install. Choose download to install xcode xcode and command-line tools for developers from app store.

I looked at the crash report you sent, and I cannot tell why Rhino crashed. Rhino crashed deep inside macOS, not while running Rhino code. Also, I have no idea why you got the second dialog about downloading Xcode. I have not seen that before, ad no one else has reported this, either.

If you find a way to reproduce this, please post some detailed instructions so we can see what is happening.

Unfortunately I can not remember the command I was using when Rhino closed. If it were to happen again I will try to play it. Thanks

I have done copy and paste on a new surface of a file. I canceled the cutting surface, and then I used the command “rebuild the surface.” Pressing Rhino sending closed and appeared three windows. 1 window remains on the screen for a second and I only managed to read that it was something related to Rhino. The other two windows were left screen and the audience here.