Closing polysurface with different layers


I have almost only nakededges and cannot figure out how to close this polysurface so that each layer stays applied to the the surfaces.

B.3dm (238.9 KB)

hi @Rosa_Jane_Littlejohn
You cannot make a polysurface reside on more than one layer. What’s the issue you are having with the fact that the surfaces are open?

I think they maybe want to retain the (per-face) layer colors when joined.

Hi Gijs,

Thanks for your response.
I am using the plugin ‘Pachyderm’ for acoustic simulation which requires different layers for each surface. From what I have understood, Pachyderm requires a closed polysurface to properly simulate.

Without changing your initial file, you can consider making a copy of the surfaces, _Join them and _Cap remaining holes for use in Pachyderm

edit maybe @Arthur can give better advise how to handle different materials

When I try and join two layers, they then become one

Hi Rosa -

To me, that sounds like you should extrude your surfaces into solids.
As Gijs mentioned, Arthur will know more but you could also check the tutorial videos at Architectural Acoustics - Podcast11 - Simulation 1 - Install on Vimeo