Closing multiple contour lines with z-height and preparing for print

I can’t figure out how to solve this: 1 I want to close all of my contour lines with different heights (z-value) (main question). 2 Lay them out on the world plane, making them ready for laser cutter, maybe numbering them - the most efficient way?

Hello - if you want to close the open ones, then select all and use CloseCrv. To shove them all onto the cplane, use ProjectToCplane with World Top as active. For numbering, you’ll need a script.


We do this fairly often. I have some custom scripts that we use, but I cannot hand then out right now. However, you can do this manually with some work.

  • Get the outer boundary, make sure it is on the same Z level as the lowest contour.
  • Use Array and array the boundary in Z by the increment of your contour lines.
  • Now using the Front or Right viewports, window select the first level including the boundary
  • With the level selected, in Top View call CurveBoolean, you should have the option set to DeleteAll.
  • Click somewhere inside the area you want to keep and check the preview
  • Beware, some levels will have islands/multiple areas to click in
  • When it looks right, hit Enter to execute.
  • Group all the curves on that level while they are still selected.
  • Proceed to the next level and repeat.

This takes some concentration, but it works well. Suggest you work on a copy of the file so that if something is accidentally deleted, you can copy it back in from the original file.

Let me know how that works, to flatten and layout the closed curves I have some other methods.

Think that is gonna work. Gonna try it out. Thanks. Very good information!