Closing Gap/space on Model?

Hi guys, I have this rather…complex model I’ve been working on for something. I originally worked on it in Autodesk Maya, transferred it into Mudbox and did some minor edits in Rhino.

This is a side view of the shirt,arm and figure in which the arm is going inside of, from the model that I am working on. I got this model 3D printed to get a general idea of how it would look physically and everything printed well, though gaps or space like the one you see from the shirt to the arm do pose as an issue. When the model was printed the shirt was offset so it printed fine, but I was wondering if there is an option in Rhino that would be able to assist me in closing that gap or spacing that you see or would I have to resort to another program instead.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

is this a mesh model?
If so you could close the sleeve opening rather than offsetting the shirt. If this is an option, then I’m afraid there is no esy way to solve this while taking into account both geometry correctness (closed mesh) and aesthetic result.
You have Fill Mesh Hole command but I’m afraid it’s not enough.