Closing Brep and Point Projection

I loft the curves to create this mass and when I used close BREP the top still appears to be open. What component should I use to close the entire mass?

In addition, I am trying to find a way to project the centroids of this grid to the inside of the BREP and not the outside. Any suggestions?

Competition (31.4 KB)
Untitled.3dm (3.0 MB)


Cap Holes only works for planar closed curves. Fragment Patch seems a good alternative.


BTW, your Loft is self-intersecting…


I don’t really understand what you want to do with those points. But surely that Merge being fed with points and a Surface can’t give proper results later on…


Do you want to keep only points that intersect your shape vertically ?

Thank you for the information regarding Fragment patch. Yes, what I would like to do is have the rectangular extrusions take the shape of the mass. Currently, it is taking the shape of the surfaces outside of it. I attached a photo to explain.

Yes, but I would like the points to go onto the interior of the surface of the Mass, so it can take its shape rectilinearly

Here’s a way…

Point (19.8 KB)


In addition, lastly, how would I could I go about restricting the extrusions to have a minimum and maximum height?

Also, would you be able to explain how where I was going wrong with the script I was working on for this?