Closing a Rhino License when you open RhinoInside Revit - Force Closer

Hi RIR Team,

How can you force a Rhino License to close through RIR?

After you open RIR and close Rhino & GH it doesn’t seem to lease a License back to the Zoo?


Hi @christopher.pires,

Rhino release the license when is unloaded, but since Rhino.Inside Revit is an Addin for Revit and there is no nice way to unload an Addin, once is loaded, we can not release the license until the whole Revit closes.

So, unfortunately, in this case the only way to release the license is closing Revit completly.

Hope there will be a solution to this in the future. Thanks Kike

Oh Dam… Kike

There are times when you just need to run a quick script on a huge project where you don’t want to have to close the project. As it could take a lot of time to open up a large project on BIM360 with a lot of links.

If there is no way then i guess we will have to work around this with asking staff on projects if they have run RIR to get them to run scripts. So we don’t have the complete team using rhino licenses.

Getting more licenses is not the best answer to this issue.