Closing a blank template

If I create a new blank file from template: File->New Using Template-> (Select Any Template)
then I try to close the window without having done anything to it, I get a popup dialog box saying:

You are about to overwrite your Rhino V4
file as a Rhino version 5 file.

Use File > Export to save this file as a V4 file
Cancel Save As V5

If I click cancel and then try to close the widow again I get the same popup message again.

If I Alt-Tab way and then return to Rhino I then can close the widow normally. That is the save dialog box comes up and I can select Don’t Save.

I also cannot Alt-Tab back to Rhino if the above message is being displayed. I have to have pressed cancel to close the dialog box, then Alt-tab away then return and then close the window.


Oh yeah this is with the new build 2014-04-07. I did not have this problem with the previous build.

some of the template files are still v4…
when you open one in v5, you have done ‘something’ to it which is why you get the saveAs prompt.

you could saveAs to the template files location in the app contents-- overwriting the v4 template with a v5 one then this won’t happen next time you open it from ‘new from template’

that is, until the next WIP comes out and the template file you updated will be overwritten and the process starts over.

pretty much-- all the template files should get updated in the WIP download then this won’t happen anymore.

Makes sense. Thanks

Thanks for the report. Logged as a bug.