Closet point

Can someone help me and tell me how i can connect by line centers of hexes?


HEX (42.2 KB)
HEX (28.5 KB)

Hi Dawid,

Is this what you re after?

FF_HEX (29.5 KB)

Thank you Filippos for your time. That’s correct but when i try implement that to my algoritms where i try get double facade i have few wrong result’s. Now I’m not sure is “closet points” is good way. P.S a asked for connect center because that was warmp up for this what i attached in file.SCENA RHINO.3dm (147.1 KB)
SCENA RHINO.3dm (147.1 KB)
SCENA (35.2 KB)

Not sure what are you going to do anyway, to me, this case is just a matter of surface direction problem.
You can resolve the cell matching problem by unifying your surface directions. Check attachment out.(Red groups)

SCENA (46.4 KB)

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