Closest surface point

I have a script which looks for the closest surface point and populates with a bead.

However, I get an error with the blue surface which I am finding hard to track down. The only thing that corrects this is to rebuild the surface and re-run the script.

What is it about the blue surface that throws my script ?


pave.3dm (1.5 MB)

You have two blue surfaces in there, I don’t know which is causing problems, but one is a degree 3 x 3 trimmed surface, the other is a degree 3 x 2 rational untrimmed surface. There may be some bugs related to the second one, ISTR occasional problems with degree 2 rational surfaces… Have you also tried running your script in the WIP to see if a bug may have been fixed?

If it does indeed prove to be buggy in V5, you may need to re-make the surface as a revolve of an arc or something else. Note that the surface generator, a degree 2 NURBS Arc is another one of those curves that won’t simplify to an arc object (I have a recent thread on this subject).


Thanks Mitch,

Shrink trimmed surface cured it.

I am looking to expand / collaborate with another programmer for my plug-in. At the moment I try to limit the development as and when sales come in. Would this be of interest to you ?


Thanks for thinking of me… Unfortunately as I currently have four jobs (including one full-time one), I really can’t imagine adding anything else to my schedule… :weary:

Cheers, --Mitch

OK, thanks Mitch - if you know of anyone suitable please let me know.