Closed Surface but bumps showing in Rendered view

I joined a couple of edges together and when I run “ShowEdges” it tells me that there are no naked edges. However, when I go to rendered view I see creases in the surface (see image).

The middle crease doesn’t matter, I didn’t set G2 continuity there on purpose. I am however worried about the creases that are highlighted by the red elipses. Is my surface actually creased (i.e. bad) or is it just a rendering bug showing?

Hi Luc- that looks like that surface bulges up a bit here and there - you can tell more by extracting ( ExtractSrf ) it and turning on the points.


Yes it most defintely bulges. I’m currently working on a better approach, pretty much have got it fixed by now. Was just curious whether or not this was an actual fault, but it seems to be the case. Thanks Pascal.