Closed Solid splits

Dear All,
i have a closed solid in rhino that splits on the edges if i divide the mesh in zbrush.
I made it in rhino by joining surfaces. Is this a wrong way to construct solids?

Volumenkoerper_Problem_R.3dm (634.1 KB)

Have you considered using QuadRemesh Command?

Hi Arnold - if you mesh the object in Rhino using the Mesh command, you can Weld the resulting mesh at 180 degrees and then export that mesh.


Thank you bouth for the help. The welding does it.
Is there a way to keep the construction precisely?
After meshing with Mesh and also with QuadRemesh the construction has slightly different volume compared to the original.

Hi Arnold - A mesh is always an approximation. If you want a closer approximation, you need to make a finer mesh - more info here -


Thank you, i see.