Closed solid from open curves

Hello, new to both Rhino and Grasshopper.

I want to make a solid from 3 curves. I first Loft, then create the “end” surface. No way to fill the top and bottom surface which I would need to use “Boundary Volume”

The idea is to then do Solid Intersection to get the common solid between these 2 guys

image (37.2 KB) (37.1 KB)


The loft using three curves was messy, can you skip the middle one? (38.4 KB)

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Thank you! I need some time to get what’s happening.

Thanks! As with the answer above, I need to wrap my head around that to get what you did exactly.
Yes I do need the middle curve.

OK, this works. I saw a problem earlier that went away… I like @HS_Kim’s solution better though. (37.0 KB)