Closed Shell ( Solid )

Hi Stevebaer ,

I try to create a solid, to do some simulation with SnS (Scan & Solve).

The solid is like a pipe or tube with the two side closed.
The cap that I drawn is a simple plate.

The question is :
Is normal that the boolean of this solid give me a two different solid
one inside the other ?

( P.S. Now, I draw a hole on the solid for keep the geometry that I would )


If you can post a sample model that displays this behavior, we are more likely to be able to answer your question.

Yes, normal Rhino behavior with two closed shells one inside the other is to keep them separate. There is a workaround: run the command NonManifoldMerge on the two shells, then CreateRegions on the result. The result will be a single “disjoint” polysurface volume. Use at your own risk…


Hi Mitch ,

thanks for the answer.


In Rhino V5, there is another way to create a solid with a hollow inside, but it only works for single,closed surfaces (like a sphere, for example). Offset the surface with the Solid option, and if the offset is clean (no self-intersections or folds) it will form a solid polysurface. While this only works for single, closed surfaces, not polysurfaces, it can be handy sometimes.

Thanks Mark