Closed loft on grashopper Mac

Hi guys.

I’m following a tutorial - which ofc is on a pc originally - and the person right clicks on the 'Loft" function and chooses 'close loft to acheive a full closing. How is this done on the Mac? there is not many options when you hover on the function or when you right click.
If you know a way to achieve the same type of menu that would be great. Alternatively how do i close the loft in another way?
notice the gap on the left of the picture.

Kindest regards luke

You are probably just looking at an old tutorial in general or you didn’t notice that they right clicked over the O (options) input. Please in the future link to the tutorial or at the very least post a screenshot. Closed loft is in the O (options) input and you can also use the Loft Options component as the O input of loft.

thanks a lot that really helps