Closed Extrusion Won't show colour in Ambient Occlusion

It will with other lighting methods, but not with that one, though other object types in the project will. This is true in both 6 sr6 and sr7, and whether the colour is “by layer” or by object.

I don’t see that with a box and view mode lighting set to AO.

Can you export the offending object and the view mode?

Thanks Nathan.
Here they are. I included a couple of Va objects in case its related to Va. Might be worth mentioning that as far as I recall, I created the offending object the same way as I created the other one, and yet Rhino recognizes them as different types of objects. Lately I’ve found some anomalies to be issues with my settings, so this may be the case, but I haven’t been able to figure it out.
RenderedAmbientOcclusionExtrsnClrIssu.ini (11.4 KB)
CLosedExtrusionWontColourInAO.3dm (584.0 KB)


I see this happen in 6.6, but with a local build from 6.x (to-be 6.8) this works fine, so I guess this has been addressed, possibly with a different, but related issue.

In my 6SR6 install I can get this to work by using _BlockEdit and setting the material explicitly to By Parent for contained objects. That seems to work here:


The offending object is a fragment of the baseboard which isn’t shown in your image above, Nathan, it’s on the other side. It’s not a block, but if it should still be openable as a block, this one isn’t, on my system.

That closed extrusion has default material set. Change that to Layer Material and it works fine.

Ah, thanks. I see. I was looking at the setting in Properties, set to By Layer. After almost 6 months with Rhino I didn’t notice that this can be set in Materials too (which I see takes precedence.)

That particular By Layer is the display color. That is for curves and line work in modes like wireframe, shaded, not rendered. The latter normally uses materials, which is set through the tab I showed.

Thanks. I used to know that a few months ago…