Closed curves from tangential shapes

I have a complex vector tracing (from a background bitmap) and need to isolate each shape for eventual nesting and laser cutting. Is there a way to make a closed curve out of each of two tangential shapes, so that each curve that defines a “bubble” becomes a discrete shape, defined by a closed curve?


Are the end-to-end within tolerance? Join should work there. Or, if they overlap, you can try CurveBoolean with the option DeleteInput=All. Otherwise, post a small sample of what you’re trying to do, it will be easier to suggest a method.

HTH, --Mitch

mountains tracing.3dm (410.5 KB)

Each of the shapes defined by a perimeter curve needs to be isolated for vector input into a laser. I can do this manually by copying, pasting and trimming, but am wondering if there is a more automatic process that would allow “sharing” the protion of the curve needed for each individual shape. Sorry If I’m not explaining this very clearly…

You can try the “secret” command TestGetPlanarRegions (you will need to type this, does not autocomplete). Select all your curves and run the command. This will produce one surface for every closed region. Then select the surfaces with SelLast, and run DupBorder, you will have the outlines.

Problem is in your file, there are a few curves that do not quite touch/overlap. You will need to fix those first. They are in blue in your file, I fixed them so you can see how it works.

HTH, --Mitch

mountains tracing-mm.3dm (1.5 MB)

CurveBooolean should do it, if CombineRegions=No, and you click inside each shape you want to isolate.


Thanks guys!