Close topics after x years of inactivity

i don’t like the idea personally, i come across a lot of old posts that are still relevant. especially in the scripting/programming side of things.

you can turn off the notifications for them, the tools are there to control the annoyance. you can sort searched by date as well.

they really aren’t hurting anything by staying up. just my pennies.

Topics that are closed are still visible/searchable, just you can’t post to them anymore.


ahh, ok, yeah, shut em down then! lol

i agree. :wink:

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Case in point

@dale is this something that gets traction with you guys as well?

We discussed this internally a few weeks ago and didn’t come to any decent conclusion on any change of action to take.


Maybe a timeout for notifications after let’s say one year could solve the problem without closing the topic?


if that could be activated as an option to check or uncheck if wanted, that would probably make everybody happy.

Case in point

Case in point

No. :-1: If the topic describes a problem that has been solved, the topic will fade away without any censorship. Some topics describe technological progress - there is no reason to close them.

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They are still searchable and can function as reference. I’m just fed up with people resurrecting topics from years ago, sometimes with inane comments. I don’t want the onus to be on me to have to change my tracking on these topics.

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I hear ya; this seems to be happening a lot lately

I would vote against closing old topics automatically. I find them helpful to comment on for bugs and issues that have been reported for a long time and still not addressed/resolved.


I agree with Jarek here.

I think there are two kinds fo olds threads:

  1. The ones that’s really discussing things that have been fixed/changed/solved, to the point that those discussions are not relevant anymore. Those threads should be closed. And if there’s a resolution to the old request in that post, it should be listed at the end.

  2. The ones that despite being many years old, they are still relevant today, and in many cases showing how long these issues have been unresolved. Those should stay open.

I hope this helps.



I personally don’t mind getting notified about old topics or answers being revived/replied to by someone, who has taken an interest. I feel like users still being able to participate in these, prevents the recreation ad absurdum of similar threads about the same topic.
Users first searching, instead of blindly posting, get kinda rewarded for their exemplary behaviour, because they can revive a discussion, in case they haven’t found a specific answer (and don’t have to recreate the thread). Otherwise, why search in the first place, when you have to create a new discussion eitherway?

How many notifications do you guys even get (except staff)? I mean I’ve answered probably hundreds of questions in the last few years, and only get notifications about old threads from time to time. It’s not really that dramatic, and most people are only liking or writing kind words, because they already found what they were looking for.

I agree, that there should be an option for users, who don’t want to be notified about legacy threads, to turn them off. As for closing the threads, I don’t see any benefit and strongly disagree!

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Case in point

If the issue described reoccurs, isn’t it helpful to revive an old thread?

Only if it actually is the same issue, and not a somewhat similar issue.

Does “Closing topics” mean closing topics to further posts, or making the topic unable to be read?

Closing topics means that they can’t have additional posts.