Close mesh to get continious inflation in kangaroo


im new to Grasshopper but I’m now trying for days to get a closed mesh as a ring and inflate it without getting peaks on the edges the mesh meets itself (end/beginning).
i tried this with weld and join and weaverbird (mesh from lines) but in weaverbird the outgiven vertices are unusefull sorted in x-direction what is hard to handle with in upcoming worksteps.

could someone please help me to get a continous/closed mesh ? or to sort the vertices in Weaverbird by isocurves?

weaverbird-mesh_sort (10.9 KB)
unclosed (11.7 KB)

According to your description, your anchor points setting doesn’t make any sense.
See red groups.

unclosed (18.0 KB)

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As @HS_Kim mentioned, there is no problem with your mesh. If you want to split the list of naked vertices you can use Dispatch like this: (25.5 KB)

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Thanks for your help, i thought it could be easy like this. just didnt get the point.