Close an open surface made from an offset closed surface

I had a closed surface shaped like a bowl but with circular openings at the top and bottom. The seam runs from one opening to the other so it’s essentially a cylinder with the seam running from the top opening to the bottom.

I called it’s Offset method to create an inner shell and I used 0 for the tolerance (I want to use 0 so please don’t suggest that I use some other tolerance).

The problem is that the inner surface has now got naked edges where the seam was.

Is there a simple way to combine those edges and turn the open surface into a closed one?

I’ve looked at the Surface and the Brep classes and didn’t find the obvious way to do this.

Hi @jmcauley,

Can you post some geometry and/or code so we can see what you are working on?

– Dale

I’m sorry Dale, I can’t.

I only checked in the working code and 3dm file.

I tried a different tack: to have two outer surfaces, one with the seam moved to the other side. I expected both offsets to fail but I could use the good parts from each surface and join them.

Anyway, the offsets didn’t fail so I just removed the seam changed surface and used the working surface. Solved some other problems and checked in the work.


I will keep an eye out for this in future and make sure I have the bad surfaces saved.