Close a hole of my wing

Hi, how could I close the hole see the attach. Tnks

Hi Luca- I am not sure exactly what you have there but I think I would set up the end of the wing something like the attached file. BTW, you’ll want to AdjustMesh on the Zebra control and set a much finer mesh - this is not a bad setting for analysis meshes:

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Wingtip.3dm (72.6 KB)


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I will see soon Pascal, tnks.

I would …I’m trying to cut the surface of the airfoil , but Rhino does not allow me Select the area and I have not blocked any level .

I’m not sure I follow, but please post the object to be trimmed and the object to trim with, and I’ll take a look.


I dont like my work…

I will Pascal, tnks