ClippingPlane Coordinates

Rhino6 Mac

I was trying to use BoxEdit to move Some clipping Planes to a desired Z coordinate.
I’m not understanding why a Clipping plane laying on the XY plane, so with Z=0 elevation is showed in the BoxEdit panel with Z position not equal to zero.
For Example if the CP is drawn with X size = 100 mm, Y= 100 mm I get Z size = 50 (half X an Y sizes) and Z position = -25 mm (negative half of Z size)
What I’m doing wrong?
I find this a bit misleading since it should be a plane (therefore with a zero dimension in the 3rd axe).
clipping-BoxEdit.3dm (2.8 MB)

I’m afraid it simply isn’t just a plane. It has a line that indicates the direction of the clipping. If you run BoundingBox on the object, you will see that this line is also taken into consideration.


So the vector that shows the direction of the showing part of the sliced object made via a ClippingPlane do contribute to make a clipping plane be like a solid, with its Z reference coordinate placed in the midpoint of the vector.
Now I Understand the values showed in the BoxEdit panel.

This said, why has this behaviour been designed this way? It makes not straightforward the placement of a CP via boxedit.
Whenever you select a CP it’s default Gumball location is actually at intersection of its own XY plane with the Z vector. Making user think that it coincides with reference origin position.

In the way it’s at present working if one want to move the CP via BoxEdit panel has to do some math to get to desired position.

Is there any other suggested way?
Is it possible to click on the gumball arrow and insert an absolute value instead of a relative one?

Hi marco - if you set Boxedit to use the gumball and not the bounding box, does that do what you need?


Thank you so much. It works as intended.

Hi Pascal,
actually as I select Clipping plane (with Pivot Location already set to “use Gumball”)
actual coordinates ar not shown correctly.

To display real coordinates I need to refresh it someway by switching back and forth its Pivot location.