Clipping sections experience is frustrating

I am very happy Rhino got functionality for clipping and creating drawings, but the experience with them is not that good as with most of other tools. Here are some problems that i encountered:

  1. Drawings are created in reversed order by some reason. If you have multiple sections per Object the list of sections will be Object_02, Object_01, Object_00 instead of alphabetical order/or order of creation. So I had to rearrange all of them manually :scream::sweat_smile:

  2. While drawings are created it is too late to change something like use Text instead of tag as it is impossible to change that for selected/all drawings at once - only one by one and then all the drawings use the same insert point and got overplayed by some reason.

  3. Not possible to select the whole drawing and move it.

  4. Changing name of a section and running _UpdateClippingDrawings All does not update names of drawings

  5. After creating about 100 sections the tree of layers becomes huge and it takes time display it when I click on a layer in status bar. + it is not well structured - it is not possible to set a common parent layer that will be collapsed ant thus maintain the layer structure used in the company.

  6. If i set option to show background then it also shows the geometry behind section (where nothing should be visible except hatch)

  7. I didn’t find a list with section styles if it exists. So how to use one style for all objects or chose when needed specific style for some layers or objects?

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  1. Named Views are sorted just by creation time, not possible to sort alphabetically or group in “folders” or use search - no chance to fine the one that you need if you have a hundred of them.
    UPD: I was wrong, it is possible to sort views with Right click on a named view

  2. Not possible to go from section annotation to the plan view of it (saved view) by double clicking it or in any other way and to the created drawing from this section.

Thank you for your feedback.

There has been a recent fix to help see the name of the section when run ClippingDrawings command (to create dynamic drawing) to help with the placement, here… There is also another suggestion here…

For Nested ClippingDrawings command, we have a report to help improve and order by name here…

That is a known bug, reported here…

You can use EditClippingDrawings command and change PlacementPoint. I can see how this is not as intuitive.

How do you change a name of a section? You can change the name of the clippingplane (select, then change object name). you can then run UpdateClipppingSections to populate the change.

@dale maybe you can speak to that?

This is reported here…

Adding SectionStyles table to the document is slated for Rhino version 9, or the WIP. Here… and also to create a Section Styles Manager here…

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There has been a discussion about this topic. You might find useful:

Can you please elaborate with an example about what you are after?

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This behavior has also been pain in my ass for a educational drawing i made recently. So much manual work to sort the lines. It would be nice to ahve an option to deactive or activate and see those lines in a seperate layer!
Sometimes you need those lines. But with diffenrent style then the rest.

@rajaa If you want more detailed feedback just let me know, as soon as you have time and an open ear for it;)
couldn’t work with section drawing professional yet but it’s getting closer.

The examen project i just worked on (german cabinaetmaker like tec. drawings oldschool):
2024-05-01_Meisterstück_RhinoForum.pdf (11.8 MB)

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Thank you for the answers!

In Revit you can double-click section symbol (clipping section/clipping plane object) and this opens window with this section. It would be very helpful to be able to go from a clipping section/clipping plane object to the section drawing itself if it was created (nay be by clicking a button in a sidebar?)
Another useful function could be to set CPlane to the section plane and view plane top (I know it is possible to do it manually)

Is this similar to a zoom-selected function (while selecting the corresponding ClippingDrawing of that ClippingSection)?

Try “_SaveClippingSectionCPlanes” and “_SaveClippingSectionViews” commands. Do they give you what you are after?