Clipping Section settings: naming convention

I was wondering whether some settings could be added so the naming could be set to something else than SEC by default?

Overall I think the new solution for the ssections is much better and I’m also glad that sections are created on the current layer instead of a dedicated layer like some weeks ago. I think current layer is the true to Rhino way which should also be applied to the Grasshopper Rhino component ‘Model Object’ when no layer is specified…

the prefix of the clipping plane name can be named in the ClippingSections command option.
Is that what you need?

Thanks for the reply.

Right now, unless I save a template with a custom default name, I need to change the default name (SEC) every time I use the command for the first time.

I thought the options could have a tab where the user can choose the default name and settings for a clipping section.

The name should be saved across Rhino sessions. Is that not what you are seeing?

What settings would you suggest to save? Is it all the ClippingSections command options?
Most are sticky options that should be carried across Rhino sessions.

Thanks for the reply @rajaa

I wasn’t aware that the custom name is sticky. It seems to be there even after shutting down and restarting the computer?

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