Clipping Planes Views Clipped in Rhino 7 - behaviour change or bug?


“Views Clipped” controls in Rhino 7 seems to have changed from per clipping plane to a blanket all-planes control - see below.

Behaviour in Rhino 6

Behaviour in Rhino 7

Using “Enable Clipping Plane” in a view will enable only the selected clipping plane, but it is impractical to no longer have file-wide control from the modelling viewport. Apologies if this has been posted already, it didn’t seem to appear when I searched.

This is in build 7.4.21067.13001, 2021-03-08


Hi Ben -
The fix for that bug is in Rhino 7.5. You can change the update frequency to install the release candidate.

Sweet, thanks Wim.