Clipping Planes not clipping

In the attached file, turning the layer “Dims” off will clip the view. Turning it on will show the objects unclipped. Also rotating the view so that the curves on that layer disappear out-of-view will make the CP clip correctly.

In wireframe mode, the objects remain clipped at all times.

I have tried finding one curve on that layer that causes this behavior but it looks like that as long as any one of those curves is still visible, the clipping malfunctions.

Strangely, - and perhaps off-topic - making a plane in the XZ plane and using that to find intersections with the curves on the Dim layer will duplicate all of those curves but then running SelDup does not select all.
ClippingPlane Not Clipping.3dm (862.9 KB)

Hi Wim - I see that, thanks. Hmm - looks like draw order is causing this - ClearDrawOrder sorts out the clipping.


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