Clipping Planes not capping

@dale, I just now saw that issue RH-29592 is on the ‘fixed’ list and as such I haven’t thought about commenting functionality lately.

In the latest RH6 WIP, when my clipping planes are on a layer that is off, the objects are not capped. When I turn the layer on, the objects become capped. They should be capped also when the layer is off.

Hi Wim - I don’t see this one either, here…I’m using a later build than you have though, so it’s either fixed or mysterious.


Hi Pascal,
Running March 8 now. Does that make it mysterious?

Running the latest one here now - i.e. 2016-04-05.

Clipping planes now NEVER cap any objects.


That and the edge color being totally broken make Clipping Planes utterly useless in the WIP…
But, hey, it’s a WIP :smile:

Ouch… That one hurt.

Release target changed from 6.0 to 6.1

I guess the release of 6.0 is around the corner then. FWIW, that means using RH5 for production work until the RH6.1 WIP is mature enough. (only speaking for myself) (and perhaps also to myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

You’re misreading that.
This is not a sign that V6 is “around the corner”.

We are winnowing the changes that can be done without further modifications to the SDK.
Things we really want to get into 6 that will break the SDK are tagged as 6.0. Changes that can be made after the SDK freeze are marked 6.1 or 6.x.

SDK freeze is needed so third-party developers can begin work on V6 plug-ins.

Thanks for adding to my vocabulary!

Can one be 100% sure a change in the SDK is not needed to fix an issue? Because if one gets to 6.1 and at that point finds out it’ll break the SDK, the issue will get on the 7.0 pile. Not?


That make the news only worse because the start of work on 6.1 is then definitely not around the corner.
But, by all means, I understand priorities have to be made. It’s not the end of the world. RH5 works fine.

Nothing in software is 100%. That said, the reclassification is not a
guess. The developer is intimately familiar with the code and classes it
needs and uses. It’s a safe and accurate call


Would be nice to throw all computers in the air. Maybe the bugs would fall out. All would be left is chaff. Keep smiling John

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This appears to be a regression from V5 and was moved back to the 6.0 list. Thanks for pointing it out.


Thanks for fixing this in this week’s build! :two_hearts:

As per OP though - this only works when the ClippingPlane is visible. That is, not when its layer is off or the plane is hidden. As such RH-29592 stands.

@dale, is that just a matter of re-applying your fix of May 4th?
( )

nag, nag.

I’m not seeing the hidden clipping plane effect the clip or fill here. I tried hiding a layer with the cp, the hide command and the display mode setting. My build is slightly newer though so that may be it. Post a simple file and let me know how you’re hiding the cp and I’ll test it.

Ah yes, the details.

I suppose the trigger is the way I call a clipped view. My default template has one CP on an off-layer and two NamedViews that are called v0 and v1. v0 is saved without a CP while v1 has the CP active. As the model proceeds more CPs and NVs are created.

So when I want to see inside the geometry I’m working on, I just type v+1 and a clipped view appears. In the current version, this clipped view doesn’t cap the geometry and the edge isn’t shown. When I then turn the CP layer on, the cap and the edge appear and I can turn the layer back off.

If I understand correctly, the issue of “not capping” has nothing to do with the YouTrack issue referenced in this thread - RH-29592 - as this issue is about restoring named views and not having hidden clipping planes restored (too).

Is this correct?

If so, can you provide me precise instructions on how to repeat the problem you are seeing, along any necessary files (e.g. screen captures, 3dm files) that I might need in order to repeat the problem here?


– Dale

This issue is about hidden clipping planes not being restored when a named view is restored.
(RH-29592 was commented to reflect gained insight on March 5th).

File to demonstrate the issue:
ClippingPlane Capping.3dm (890.5 KB)

Thanks for the file and extra info. I filed which shows the issue without the layer variable. It looks like named views aren’t taking note of the clipping plane state. I am seeing the cp turn off entirely when toggling named views but capping works fine once it’s enabled.

I also just filed which may be related… thumbnails for named views aren’t showing cp sections.

Hi Brian,
I downloaded that model and followed the instructions but was unable to reproduce the problem. Were you able to reproduce the issue with the model that I provide and the instructions that came with it?

I just looked again and now I can get what you see, I must have done something wrong the first time.

If you continually toggle the v0 and v1 named views, you should see the clipping disappear entirely which is what I was trying to file in RH-35029


Clipping planes never cap any objects in the latest WIP - i.e. 2016-11-01.

Shall I make a new YT-issue or should we recycle RH-33562 or RH-34713?

Thanks, I reopened 34713.