Clipping planes and views

normally i’ll put clipping planes onto one layer so i can find them easily, but sometimes i do things on the fly, create a clipping plane, assign it to a view and then forget about it.

then i’ll go back to the view and want to disable the clipping plane but i can’t find it because it’s buried in my layer stack and turned off.

i would love it if you could control clipping planes without having to select the object itself. for example if i clicked in any viewport, i could toggle clipping planes on and off, and select clipping planes by name. that way i wouldnt have to remember where a clipping plane is located (in xyz, and in layers).



Hi Andrew,

I think indeed that clipping planes would be better off with a special treatment as opposed to the current way they are implemented. They are treated much like regular geometric objects, being on a layer, they can be hidden locked etc.
However their functionality is far from any other regular geometry object.
Being able to mange them regardless of layer or visibility would probably make their workflow better.

I think a functioning much like named views could be a blueprint for their implementation in V6?



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There are several similar wishes and bugs about this problem.

I hope im on the right topick.
I dont know if this has been reported. I noticed that the fill on the clipping planes does not work when the plane is on planar view/position.
please refer to attahced image.