Clipping plane tool/script/plugin/nuggets out there?

(Matt Gaydon) #21

@wim Nice i like that option. I have done it in the past by coding clipping planes from grid-lines in GH and using a value list, but this keeps it all in Rhino which for some it better.

I guess you code all the saved viewports with there clipping planes in GH if you did not want to make them all manually. Though this could get complicated if you need the Clipping planes at different view angles in perspective for each view. Simple enough in parallel views i would think.

( Charles C.) #22

Thank you guys.
I finally end up creating something like you propose @wim.

  • create 4 clipping plan. disable them like @dale suggest uppward
  • create 4 cutplane parralle to each of the clipping plane.
  • set camera perpendicular to cutplane ( _OrientCameratoSrf)
    -make a view for each of them.

a bit of manual work but it does the job.

Woulb be nice tho to see a lilttle script for theses manipulation. @mattgaydon ideas ?
I would do it, but Idon’t know myself how to code…

Thank for help :wink:


Hi Charles, All,

I wrote a small tool for this a while ago, it may do what you were originally after. It has the “User approach” to how the ClippingPlane management should work intuitively (sorry Devs :wink: - the current implementation in Rhino is painful to work with). It should also work no matter if the clippingplanes are visible or not.

Here is the plugin (Windows only):
DIG_ClippingPlaneManager.rhi (13.2 KB)

The command is: DIG_ClippingPlaneManager

PS. There is a bonus functionality in it: if you want to have clipping planes corresponding to some NamedViews, add these NamedViews names as part of the corresponding ClipPlane names, space-separated. The MATCHING will detect the correct ones to turn on and off per-view…



( Charles C.) #24

AH ! @Jarek you have no idea how precisley its what i’m after.

Thank you so much for sharing ;). Hope its something that will be implemented in R7 :wink: