Clipping plane settings - turn off show edges via script

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a way via python scripting to turn off the “show edges” option from the Display - clipping plane settings from all viewports ?

Many thanks in advance


It is quite simple in RhinoScript but I am not familiar with a way to do it in Python. I don’t think RhinoscriptSyntax has the method for it, so it would need to be RhinoCommon.
Keep in mind the setting is per-display mode, not per-viewport, so you would need to determine display mode for each viewport and operate on these.
A hacky way to do it from Python would be to run Rhino.Command("-_Runscript [put a Rhinoscript that does it here]"), but there is probably a better way, plus the hack would be a windows-only…


Hi @revink,

The setting you show is just a shortcut to this:

This setting is not available in RhinoCommon. Thus, it’s not available in Python. I’ve added it to the to-do pile.

– Dale

If RhinoScriptSyntax was in-sync with RhinoScript, this method does it:

@piac - is this still a project of yours?
Is there a plan to at some point keep these two synchronized as close as possible (I know some things on each end don’t make sense, but general universal methods, at least?)