Clipping Plane niggle leads to bigger idea

Turning off a layer could turn off any clipping planes on that layer.
It sucks to search your layers for clipping planes (when like me you forget which layer you created them on…
Or, maybe more generally useful-

Search for objects (by type) on layers which are turned off, then offer options on what to do with them? (Show All, Isolate, Inverse-Hide, Del, Copy to Layer, Change Object Layer, etc)
This could be a useful remedy for disorganised souls like me who don’t pay attention to which layer they are working on…
Clipping Planes are the biggie tho as they can hide geometry on any layer without being visible or selectable…
At the very least make SelClippingPlane have an option to work on layers which are turned off… :sunglasses:

Oooh and as a supplemental wish, to be able to snap to and measure from apparent endpoints and intersections of the sections during clipping… :slight_smile:

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Have you tried the DIG Clipping Pane manager? I just tried searching for it on Food4Rhino but turned up empty. Attached below…
DIG_ClippingPlaneManager.rhi (13.2 KB)


I haven’t, I’ll give it a try.
Thank You! :+1: