Clipping plane malfunctioning with ultra heavy models in Rhino

How do I deal with a clipping plane in Rhino environment for extremely heavy models? I can’t use my clipping plane because everytime I try to shift it, it tells me “creating meshes press esc to cancel” and I know pressing esc brings me to wireframe display. The problem is, I already am on wireframe display. I need to have the clipping plane to check the model, and I cannot simplify my model, its a model of an existing building of sorts from a client taken from dwg, hence I can’t upload the model, can’t ss, can’t provide more information than text but I do need urgent help. Thanks in advance…

Alternatively, can Rhino 7 please provide a functionality similar to Section Boxes in Revit allowing us to clip geometries within a box? Right now I wish to partition it similar to how I do in Revit to view things, but I cannot because clipping planes would negate each other.

Hi Al - my guess is the underlying machinery needs to look at the render meshes to clip - I am somewhat making that up, but if all views are in wireframe, that could be what is going on. What happens if you shade a viewport ? Does that work?


Hi @aeaechan96
It’s a shot in the dark, but something a colleague just ran into today: make sure that there are no bad objects in the file (use SelBadObjects) and use MeshRepair or fix manually to eliminate them.
HTH, Jakob

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Hi Pascal,
If I switch to shaded, I’ve experienced that it’s way heavier because of shaded geoms, the way that it works is that wireframe is lightest, followed by shaded and then ghosted, and then the render modes, then raytraced, and the one that lags me the most in anything is the artistic/pen modes.