Clipping plane issue

I thought I had seen the solution to this somewhere before, but searched with no avail. I have this strange texture showing up in my clipping plane:


I believe I have the latest service release.

Hi Keith -
I haven’t seen this behavior before. You didn’t categorize your post but I notice you are running VisualARQ - can you reproduce this behavior without running VA? Please post a 3dm model and the SystemInfo data.

Hi Wim and sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t encountered the issue for a while. But it’s back and it gets weird. The “texture” appears to have the shape of the element embedded in it in some weird way:

I don’t think it’s a fluke that the shape of my stairs is somehow showing up in the texture. Here’s what it looks like zoomed further out:

I’ll fiddle around with VisualARQ when I get a chance.

Note that this isn’t creating me any grief (for all practical purposes I will just use a solid shade eventually anyways), I’m just sharing for your info :slight_smile:

X - Cut Plane Texture Issue.3dm (7.5 MB)

It’s the weirdest thing, the texture seems to take on the properties of the shape of the object. I made a circle and an ellipse and dragged them into the cutting plane. Note the circle - even if I rotate or scale unequally, the circles still stay there. I made an ellipse and the ellipse sections show up in the texture:

Wow - cool. Practically a feature. Does it happen if skylight is not on?

It does, I see the effect here, in your model… there is a sort of baked texture of the clipping being applied in place of the the material texure (marble). If you turn off the concrete material’s texture, it stops… I’ll get it onto the pile.

@keithscadservices - Wim discovered that the viewport seems to be corrupted - running 4View sorts out the display problem.