Clipping Plane in Wireframe WIP 8

When I create a clipping plane in WIP 8 it clips great in all views, however in wireframe I can’t see anything beyond the clipping section… Also even though the clipping plane is on a layer with colour, I can’t get the sections to be in a colour, just black.
Any suggestions.

Does this happen for any geometry or is it specific to a model you are working on?

Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? I’m having trouble picturing your description.

The clipping plane in WIP 8 isn’t showing anything beyond the section of the clipping plane. And I also can’t change the colour of the clipping section lines, I’ve attached the images below to show the difference. How in Rhino 7 you can see beyond the section and section lines are red, but I can’t achieve this in WIP 8…