Clipping Plane Flip Bug

Attached is a R7 file with a clipping plane, a box and a number of named cplanes (with a skew one active).

Flip the clipping plane and it “disappears”, but it hasn’t disappeared, it has flown off into deep space.

File was originally from R5 but behaviour is still present in R7.

flip clipping plane bug.3dm (48.5 KB)

I can reproduce this be scaling up a clipping plane. The one in your file looks like it was scaled up to be 1000 times larger than the original?

For now recreate a clipping plane with that size and orientation, delete this scaled up version.

I logged this as issue: RH-61225 Scaling up a clipping plane causes trouble flipping it

Yep, the clipping plane had been scaled by 1000. To be specific, it was a copy of a scaled clipping plane.