Clipping Plane Bug

Using (6.7.18177.12461, 6/26/2018)

If I have a clipping plane active in a detail but only part of the detail is visible on the screen then only the visible clipped edges get rendered. If I then pan over view the entire detail, the surface edges that were not visible at the time that the detail refreshed do not get rendered.

This is particularly a problem for printing. I don’t want to have to check that every detail is visible and correctly rendered before I print.

To replicate the issue:
Step 1. All clipped edges visible

Step 2. pan to the side

Step 3. Click into detail and then back out of the detail and pan back to view the entire detail

Note missing clipped edges on the left 4 surfaces

Hello - so

  • Pen mode
  • Clipping plane
  • a plane coincident with the clipping plane, am I reading that correctly?

I almost see this… but it is not repeatable yet… still poking. I do see some other junkiness:

Arty though.


Not quite,

The parallel plane is just behind the clipping plane. The short surfaces extend through the parallel surface and then are clipped by the clipping plane.

It happens in shaded view.

I’ve attached a sample model
Clipping Bug.3dm (121.8 KB)

Thanks, I see that now. But it all redraws when the layout is made active again - do you see that?


Yes I noticed it does redraw, so its not a deal breaker.
The issue is that it doesn’t redraw before printing so those clipped edges don’t get printed. the only way to make sure all the clipped edges are going to be printed is manually make sure all the layouts are centered and all the details have been redrawn which can be tedious in a large drawing package.

OK - it’s on the bug pile… but for getting some tedium/pain relief, here, if the detail is no longer active, the redraw happens and all is well - so as long as there is no detail active that is in this bad state, printing should just work… but it sounds like that is not what you see?


If the detail is fully in the view of the screen when active then once it is no longer active it will redraw correctly. The trick is that if part of the detail is off the screen when it is made not active then the clipping intersections that aren’t visible on screen won’t render even after panning over. If I deactivate the detail I can pan overto fully show the detail, but the detail won’t redraw so the missing clipped edges won’t redraw. I can even switch to another layout and switch back and the detail won’t redraw. Only if I go into the detail and then back out will it finally redraw and show the clipped edges correctly.

Hope that explanation helps

Actually, a more important issue is with opening a saved model. if the detail isn’t fully in view when the model is saved it will be opened and the clipped edges that are off the screen will not be redrawn.

Yes, thanks - so there is one more step - activate a detail not fully in view - change the view(causes the CP edges do come into view but not drawn) - activate the layout, pan the detail back back into view… the edges are still not drawn. Unfortunately so far I cannot get the redraw to happen so far programatically, only by clicking… I was hoping for now a cheap Python could force redraw on all the layouts and details but so far what I’ve got does not restore the missing edges.