Clipping plane behavior wish


it seems inconvenient to have to find the layer the flipping plane is on, select it and then control it. The clipping plane feels like a higher level object, almost like the grid or gumball. It would be nice to always have control over it easily at hand.

(Brian James) #2

Hi Aaron,

Can you explain more about this request? I’m missing something I think as I can select a clipping plane directly irregardless of the layer it’s on. Are you maybe using the SectionTools plugin which puts section curves on a layer?

(Wim Dekeyser) #3

Not Aaron, of course, but my workflow with clipping planes is that I create them on a layer called “clipping planes” and then turn off that layer. It’s the ‘higher level’ type of object that I do not want to appear in the rest of my workflow (where I isolate objects I’m working on by hiding / freezing other etc). So when I want to do something with the clipping plane, I have to find the layer, turn it on, select the plane, control it, and turn the layer back off.

I suppose I could write a script for that, now that I actually think of the workflow but, to me, it’s something like the camera. I can turn on the camera if I want to but since that is a ‘higher level’ type of object, it has its own commands to deal with that.


Thanks for that Mr.Wim… I think to summarize I don’t believe the clipping plane should be on a layer at all… to function more like cameras is a good model.

(Brian James) #5

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll add this thread to the clipping plane discussions for Rhino 6.