Clipping plane, Anti-aliasing and Show Fills issues

The box in pictures is closed extrusion.

Anti-aliasing is never off until clipping plane is dropped in.

Also, clipping planes do not clip off dimensions and hatches properly and allow box selection of clipped objects (major no-no).

Fills for solids aren’t rendered.

Thanks for reporting these problems.

I’ve logged about the clipping of text, and for the anti-aliasing problem.

I can’t reproduce the problem of the solid not filling, even with the same Shaded mode settings that you showed in your example. Can you please attach the model for me to look at?

This is from my work computer. Shaded display mode is default.
Untitled.3dm (39.1 KB)

Here’s the same thing in 5 (custom color settings though)

FWIW, solids never fill when clipped. This is not model-dependent and happens in all my display modes.

^ Yep.

Here’s rendered.

Looks like the clipping plane display bug was reported a couple different
times, and will be fixed in next week’s WIP:

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