Clipping fills - how to make them show in renders?


I can make the clipping fills of 3D closed surfaces (meshes and NURBS) show in the rendered viewport. But when I render an image via the Rhino Render, the fills are gone.
Did I miss out on a setting or is this impossible?

That is currently impossible, yes.
Of the McNeel renderers, only Brazil will take the ClippingPlanes into consideration as they should. :frowning:

Thanks! This means a LOT of ‘cut’-ting and ‘cap’-ing then.

Well, …
For me it just means that it is not possible. Saving a copy of the file to do all the cutting and capping, make a few design changes and go through all that once again - no thanks, life’s too short. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ll have to make do with screen shots for the time being.