Clipperlib.intpoint error through DeCodingSpaces Parcels component

I have never had this problem before with this script and when I came back to Rhino today to have another look, I was getting this error. It seems this is a Rhino error rather than a scripting error? Is this due to an update? I have internalised all curves at the beginning.
Parametric (25.1 KB)


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I have the same issue :slight_smile:
It was working a couple of months ago but not anymore

Hey James,
After 2 days of non-stop trying I figured it out. somehow clipper library is deleted from your system. I also had another issue with python (I modifed it a bit). So I reverted everyting to default and downloaded “clipper_library.dll” and placed it in DecodingSpaces plugin folder and now it works :slight_smile: