Clipper multi offset

Clipper don’t support multiple offset values for , to solve that i use anemone loop with Clipper polyBoolean and this work find with tree in xy plane; is there a way to use different planes if some branches moved in Z axis?

clipper multi (18.2 KB)

Ngon boolean work like clipper but need plane input

Clipper internally needs to orient to xy, but most of the time I use it for 3d cases just reorienting curves from 3d to 2d and then back. Using simple orient component would work and then using inverse matrix component to reorient back. Would it be an option for you?

Also if your curves are slightly off in z, you can project them to xy.

Also for such work I would encourage use Clipper in code python or C# it would be more easy to write. Can you explain what you are trying to achieve?


Thank you , you can see the attached file
There a tree of curves every branch have a Z position
Loop with anemone or python create union of multiple offset but on xy plane , i want apply union to everey branch of curves in their Z position ; their planes not xy to avoid that union apply to all of them

Did you mean this idea?
I don’t know if this work or not

-Separate every curve group which have the same Z position in X direction
-Apply offset with union
-Orient them to their original position

I am trying to understand what you are trying to do, by saying “multiple offset”.

Internally offset component, tries to find plane for offset and union all elements.
The key is to group curves that they are on the same plane.

For instance you can use point in groups to group all curves by z height like this:

I think you can apply a similar logic to clipper component.

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I will try that but the original problem is in another complex case
offset (distance in your component) accept on value
in my example we have a tree and every branch have its offset distance , here the problem that with many values clipper component or yours don’t combine result by branch, to solve that i use anemone and poly union, but again another problem when we have different Z position for every branch

Then in anemone loop group your curves by z axis to avoid everything merging in one plane. After grouping you can find average plane per group.

I will try that but i am not sure if it will work , also i will try orient idea