Click Limit on Long Option List

Is there limits that come with long option lists on GetString, GetLiteralString or Get ?

For example, with the following list you can select the option by using the letter or by clicking on the option until you try to click on the last three. On these you can only select them by typing in the letter. If I add more options then the new options are not clickable. It is like a string limitation is being hit by the click event in some way. It also seems inconsistent between GetLiteralString and Get. I can repeat this behavior on GetLiteralString. On Get this behavior is a bit more erratic.




Finally found out what was causing this issue.

Before creating an option list for the command line I was selecting a file using Eto.Forms.OpenFileDialog. Then using this file to create options for another user input. Then it gets really weird and hard to pin point the error.

After selecting the file and returning to the command line to select one of the options that were created the command would stall or create a null option list when selected. When looking at the cursor after the dialog box shut down it did not show on the command line and do it typical blink then disappear thing.

You could type in the command line and select an option but you would get un-expected results. But here is the thing, it would not have this behavior unless you double clicked the file right over the tool bar strip just below the command line on the UI. If you move the dialog somewhere else in the interface it goes back to work correctly.

This is repeatable on my system but it would be good to see if others have the same thing happen so if others have the time to check it out I can put a demo plug-in together.

The way I had to reset the cursor focus was to run RhinoApp.RunScript("! _NoEcho", false); after the selection of the file and creation of the options and before the next GetLiteralString function.