Click in empty space in the watertight enclosed space by surrounding objects and fill it with solid


Do you think such function would be useful to many users?
In my profession it would be super cool if there was something like 3D hatch which would create solid in the watertight void enclosed by surrounding object.

Manual way of succsesive boolean subtraction or other methods are too tedious. I could really find many practical situations when it would be super useful. Espescially for earthworks

Are therey any programs that you know of which have similar functionality?


Not exactly what you are looking for but CreateSolid command might be userful.

ConnectSrf can be useful if the surfacs need to be extended to intersect.

it is almost the same thing except with closed polysurfaces it creates some extra undesired solids, because it takes only surfaces as boundarys not solids

You need a method to find which solid encloses a point. I seem to recall a previous thread about that but don’t remember any details.