Clearing New (xx)


How can I mark a message as read without reading it?
Or all unread messages in one go?


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As far as I know you can’t do either… yet.

Oh, not very handy.
Then it should be implemented.

In other aspects, I’m impressed of the Discourse system.
In NNTP times, I mostly used the Rhino group only, and it was a hassle to also have a look at Neon, Flamingo etc.

And I like this editor.
The ability to paste screenshots via clipboard is really comfy.
Also the quote function.


Totally agree. It’s the one thing I miss from NNTP, just marking a bunch of threads as read from one place if I’m not interested. I’d love to look at the list of unread and just check off the ones that don’t interest me… especially until there’s a feature where I can sort out entire topics that do not apply to me.