Clear rhino like if new one was open

Is there a way to delete all objects and clear rhino like if it was new in c#?

You mean like opening a new file?

– Dale

no like deleting all objects in views… deleting all previous commands… delete the undo list… free the memory and so on… just like if you just opened it… a reset i guess.

oh yes sorry like a new file…

So is opening a new file sufficient? Or are you looking for something else?

If so, why? What problem are you trying to solve?

– Dale

If it delete everything from previous working session and clear the Memory allocated it is enough… i want to do this because i have a wpf plug in… and when you close this interface Rhino is still open in hide mode so the next time you open it the user dont have to wait Rhino to be opened… so Rhino Need to be clear everytime i change the wpf interface and i want to be sure to dont forget anything…

Interesting. Can you tell me more about your plug-in? Where can I go to learn more about it?


– Dale

i sent you a message.