Cleaning up offset result


I’ve hit a bit of a wall with trying to clean up the result of an offset.

The majority of the offset is completing successfully but, there are a few places in which extra pieces of line result.

I’ve tried to use “multiple curves (MCX)” to isolate the points at which these extra lines are, and from that try and trim them out, but I’m not getting anywhere.

I’ve attached the .3dm of the curves in question.

Any help is greatly appreciated

20220222_offset problem.3dm (348.5 KB)

I think it would be more beneficial if you could attach the original curves, without offset at all

you can upload directly your GH file, just right click on the Curve component and chose “internalise data”

20220222 _ offset problem with (19.6 KB)

thanks for your reply @inno


There are some errors in the file you uploaded. Check this and reupload it.


Hi @ajarindia
I just downloaded and opened the file I uploaded - it’s showing no error for me.
What is showing as the error for you?

1. Solution exception:'type' object has no attribute 'CreateBooleanRegions'

This is the error I’m getting. When I opened your file.

__author__ = "Seghier Mohamed Abdelaziz"
__version__ = "2021.01.26"

import Rhino as rh
import Rhino.Geometry as rg
from System.Collections.Generic import List

crvs = List[rg.Curve]()
for c in curves:

if not plane:
    plane = rg.Plane.WorldXY
tol = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance

rc = rg.Curve.CreateBooleanRegions(crvs, plane, points, combineRegions, tol)

if rc:
    regions = List[rg.Curve]()
    for i in range(rc.RegionCount):
    regions = regions.ToArray()

I am not the author of the python component from which your error is resulting.

I found it here

I has been working super well, however, when offsetting the result of the “region find”, I have found these extra curve segments - which I’m trying to get rid of.

Could it be the version of Rhino you are using @ajarindia? I’m using Rhino 7

After a bit more experimenting, I found something that works.
I used the Clipper polyline offset, this is giving a clean result. However, the offset lines have become a little less smooth than the originals…

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Indeed, very nice component