Cleaner surface

Hi all, I sweep 2 to create this surfaces.
Is there a better way to do this?
it is showing some crease in render mode.
can subD modeling do a better job?
Thanks for the help.
Fan blade clean surface.3dm (13.1 MB)

Hi Alvin - in this case, since one edge is a straight line, it may make sense to Rebuild that line using the wavy curve as ‘Master curve’ (i.e. the rebuiuld will have the same structure as the master curve). Then arrange the points on the line to match up with the ones on the wavy curve - straight across or however is best, and Loft.

If you loft with History recorded, you can move points around to get the curvature to go where you want it.



my approach would be
duplicate the wavy-s-shaped curve
_orient (scale1d, copy=yes)
set a cplane by normal
_setPt (cplane, x=yes, y=yes, z=no) to straighten the curve

adapt the CVs - I used equal spaces / distances for the CVs as a starting condition

_loft (style = straight sections), no history needed
_pointsOn - edit the CVs of the surface directly

Fan blade_tp.3dm (107.9 KB)

kind regards -tom

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Hi Tom - Rebuild > master curve, should allow you to skip all of that manipulation.