Clean-up Issue

No Matter how I set the cleanup radius, I can’t get the walls selected below to clean up. Their control path is the magenta line. They’ll clean up if I remove them from alongside the adjacent walls though. The control path on the adjacent walls is opposite from the plane the walls share.

Hi @djhg, we need the 3dm file in order to know what’s going on. Please send it to

Hi @djhg,
These walls are aligned with the walls placed behind and they try to intersect each other giving these wrong result. If you create a 2 layer wall instead of two walls aligned one next to the other, the problem goes away.

It is possible to create a two layer wall with each layer differing in height?

That’s not possible now, but it is on our wish-list. As a workaround you can subtract the volume of one of the wall layers using and auxiliary solid and running the vaSubtractSolids command.
Or you can place a solid or a surface on top of the wall, so it only covers one layer, and use the vaWallExtend command to extend it. Only the part underneath the surface will extend, while the other will remain taking the wall height: