"Clean Tree" component as example of wrong input ordering

Hi David, yes, you.
The “Clean Tree” component is an example of wrong input ordering, which should be be avoided in GH V2 :

In most components, the main input (lists, trees) are found at the top, and the options are at the bottom of the input stack.
That’s why I hardly ever use the “Clean Tree” component without plugging it the wrong way at first and thinking " I should post about this in the forum some day".
That day has come.



This one gets me every time :smiley:

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That was fast…

Just happened to see it

Yup, luckily the component won’t make an appearance at all in GH2 as all those cleaning options will be available in all parameters directly.

But yeah, it’s a pretty egregious example of breaking standards for no good reason.


Just call it modern art. They’re obsessed with exceeding boundaries, for no good reason.

// Rolf

Here’s another frustrating one :


To create a panel, I tend to use more and more "Double click + Enter search key word + " " ,and then I type my intricate very long text, just to click in the canvas and see it vanish.
I got so used to exiting a panel that way that I forget I need to press “Enter” instead.

Panels should almost appear spontaneously by the simple fact of wishing for one.

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Solution : If something has been typed in the “Keyword” field, clicking outside the dialog should do the same thing as pressing “Enter” : create a component.